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I've wanted to start a business with my family and integrate my kids but I feel like...


  • It's too intimidating. I am fearful of failing.

  • I feel stupid when I think about what starting a business would look like. I don't know where to start or what to do.

  • I don't have access to anyone willing to help me. A coach would help me cut through the noise.

But what if the truth is you can do this.

And we can help you.



Are you ready to build a business with your family and for your family?


Every day we hear from families about how their life is too hectic and how they feel pulled in too many directions. Work feels like it pulls us away from our family instead of helping and serving our family.


We begin to realize our best hours are spent with other teams and people outside of the family.


But what if you could make money, strengthen your family relationship and become a team all at the same time?


We think this is a goal in reach for every family. And that’s why we started Family Inc.


Family Inc. is an accelerator specially designed for families who want to build businesses with their family and for their family. And now is the time.


It has never been easier to launch a business. Remote work trends are opening the door to hundreds of new business models. Not to mention salary based jobs rarely keep up with inflation.


You can do this! But you need a coach and we want to help. Why? Because we've been where you are. We wish someone had helped us in those early years, so we could've prevented a million mistakes. And because you don't need to be an entrepreneur to start your own business, but it helps to have access to one as you build yours.

You ready?

What do we actually do in Family Inc.?

  • Prepare Your Team: Getting the family on the same page comes first. You’re a team. We walk you through the major mindset shifts that prepare you for the journey ahead.
  • Choose Your Target: Don’t have a business idea? No problem. We give you the tools to discover, evaluate and choose the right idea for your goals and the unique gifts in your family team.
  • Launch Your Business: Now it’s time to pull the trigger. We walk you through all the legal, financial and branding details of getting your new business off the ground and ready to take off.
  • Grow your Revenue: Our mantra in this stage is first survive then thrive. The first few months of any new business are critical. We need momentum. We’ll coach you through the repeated actions that get money flowing into your new baby business.
  • Upgrade your Systems: Now that things are moving it’s time to optimize. We want your business running like a well-oiled machine. There are operating systems that are tried and tested to make sure you can deliver value while freeing up more of your time.
  • Integrate Your Family: When you’re busy running a new business how does this help you spend more time together as a family? One word: Integration. We step you through the creative ideas that only business owners can try that will help bring your family closer together as you build your new asset.
  • Secure Your Legacy: A successful business is only one part in building a legacy that will bless your family for generations. How do you invest the money you’re making? How do you prepare your kids and future grandkids to steward the family assets? We’ll give you the tools to make sure your multigenerational family will get the most out of business ownership.

Whether you need help thinking of an idea for a family business, or you'd like us to come alongside to put gas on your current startup, that's what we are here for!


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Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and the following were true...

  • You're your own boss and you create your own schedule.

  • You get to see your kids and spouse throughout the weekday AND work with them AS A TEAM on a business that YOU chose.

  • You're making a real difference in the world through the service you provide, which feels amazing.

  • You're making real money and have a clear vision for how to turn that money into cash-flowing assets that will fund your team's lifestyle and the kingdom mission you feel God calling to.

  • You have real assets and wisdom to hand off to your kids.

With Family Inc.

we promise you 3 things:


You will get access to a series of 42 video modules, that we will add more to every month, that exhaustively answer any question you can have--from business partnerships, to finding contractors, to ideas that might suit your family, etc that you can work through at your own pace.


You need access to experienced entrepreneurs who will make sure you never get stuck and will create a custom plan that works for your situation. You will get access to group coaching calls and messaging platforms to reach us, where we’ll answer your questions and coach you through each step and challenge.


Interact on a daily basis with your coaches and other families throughout the business building process including our exclusive Coffee with April for moms and Happy Hour with Jeremy for dads to talk about whatever is on your mind.

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Why should you listen to us?


Well, you certainly don't have to! But we'd also love to help you. One of our biggest pet peeves is those so called 'gurus' online who want to sell you on something, but they themselves have never done that thing! It makes no sense. And it's scam.


But us? Well, we've waited years to launch this program for that exact reason. We wanted to make sure we could deliver you with the most value possible.


And between both of our families (the Bethkes and Pryors) we have launched or been a part of more than 17 businesses, have a combined 31 years of business experience, have bought or sold 5 of the businesses, and have generated more than $110 million dollars of revenue.


So, whether it's walking through partner breakups, difficulty of getting financing, having to figure out new technology constantly, to learning ways to integrate the whole family and kids of all ages, we've been there and done that and want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes as we do!

A few of the businesses we've started or been a part of...

Don't just trust us! Go ahead and click on each to poke around. Some have grown large, some have been sold and bought, and some have been small family projects we just love doing!

What is included?

  • Access to 6 group business coaching sessions per month

  • 40+ videos taking you step by step through the Family Freedom Path

  • A video library of 25+ proven business ideas working for other family teams

  • Monthly happy hour with Jeremy to discuss fatherhood

  • Monthly coffee time with April to discuss motherhood

  • One private onboarding coaching session 

  • Free access to all four of our courses including The Skill of Fatherhood


Family Inc. is currently closed.

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