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Every week a new adventure.

Tune in every week as our family goes on a new ordinary adventure to work as a team and learn more about God's great love for us!

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A new streaming service for kids and families, where you can trust it will be safe, fun, and always entertaining! Built from the ground up just for you!


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From Veggie Tales, to original new shows, Yippee has thousands of hours of content for the whole family!

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See what other parents are saying...

"When I first heard about Yippee a few months ago, I had no idea how big of a blessing it would be in our lives! With five kids vying for my attention all day long, I have been overwhelmed with how little time I have to tackle my to do list in this season of learning a new work/family balance. We do not do a lot of screens in our house, but after getting the littles down for naps (some days🤪) I know I can turn to Yippee to give me just a few minutes of peace without worrying what they’re watching."

Francesca Battiscelli
Nashville, TN

"Yippee is a lifesaver right now! There’s a lot of times during the week when I just need 30 minutes where I can cook some dinner or clean the house and I'm nervous to put screens in front of my kids if I'm honest. But Yippee is just such a good app where you know they are going to listen and see and view really good content that is going to build their character."

Jared Lopes
Portland, OR

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