Write the book you've always wanted to!

Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2023

Woodstock VT 

I'm ready!

Everyone has a book in them. And most people want to write a book. But no one knows how. That's what this weekend (and coaching program) is for.

Do you have a pulse? Do you breathe oxygen? Then you have a story to tell. And a book is a phenomenal way to do that. But let's be honest--book writing AND book publishing is scary, confusing, complex, and hard to navigate. And so that's why we will spend 2 1/2 days fully pulling back the curtain.

Showing you all the secrets. Sharing everything from how to write a book proposal (I will literally show you my past book proposals and how they performed with publishers, etc) to getting noticed by agents and publishers, to tips on actually writing your book and honing in the craft of words, to key strategies for marketing (an often overlooked part!).

Not to mention full sessions on traditional publishing vs self publishing, special 'hot seat' sessions, and moments where you get to ask industry experts anything you've always wanted to know.

Only 30 Spots Available

Because of the nature and intimate 'mastermind' like quality of this event and yearlong program that we want this group to have, we are capping the group at 30 people for the year.


And oh ya, did I mention, you just might see a slack message like this in our group within the first 4 months?

How do I know? Because it happened with our first group. No one (not even me) would've expected it to happen that fast, but when you do the work and follow the clear path laid out, it is funny how doors begin to open a little easier ya know? This particular lady didn't have a sizable platform, but honed her proposal and knew how the process worked and signed a book contract within months! And by the looks of the 2021 group, there's a few that are close as well! 

Sign me up!


To educate - So much of book publishing and writing a book is learning, studying, listening, and understanding. It's a complex machine with so many moving parts and demystifying it while teaching you about the craft of writing and pulling back to curtain on the business of writing is our twofold goal.

To Create Space - As someone who has written 5 traditionally published books, a handful of self published books, multiple workbooks and bible studies, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing like carving time and space to get started (or breakthrough) on a project. You can say you will write a book, but we all need those catalytic moments that provide energy, vision, and sharpening for the entirety of the life of the project. This weekend is that--a catalyst, a spark, and a life changing event to spur you on towards writing that book you've always wanted to.

To Not Do It Alone - I've participated in, and also led, many mastermind style small groups of creatives or business leaders. It is by far one of the most invaluable experiences to so many of my projects and ideas. To have other smart people, pursuing the same thing, hear your idea and help you with your idea in real time, it can change everything. And that's why we are capping this weekend at 30 people, to make sure we cultivate that exact space and limit of creatives and future authors who will all sharpen each other!


When & Where?

Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2023

Woodstock, VT

There is nothing like being able to get away to one of the more quintessential spots in the nation and begin (or continue) to write your book, while talking about all things book writing and publishing related. The workshop will be hosted at the incredible 500 acre OQ Farm in Vermont, just a few minutes outside of downtown Woodstock (an incredibly quaint and historic small town). The farm is a straight shot gorgeous and scenic 2.5 hour drive from Boston International Airport. All 30 of us will be staying on property, with the exception of a meal or two in nearby Woodstock.

A quick note about our time in Vermont, to help you plan.

The 500 acre farm in Vermont is a beautiful 2 hr drive from the Boston Logan International Airport. I'd suggest everyone fly into the airport and landing before 1pm on day 1 (first thing at the farm is dinner that night around 6pm). The retreat ends day 3 at 1pm so plan to leave back to Boston around 2pm Sunday. You are free to drive yourself to the farm, but this weekend and the property is an epic retreat center where you will not need a car once you arrive, so I suggest pairing up with 4-6 other members in the group via our Slack and communication channels to all caravan and pitch in together for transportation (and it's the most fun to get to know each other quickly. Can you say road trip?! Don't tell me you can't learn a lot about someone by just listening to their road trip playlist).


The best part about a retreat and program like this is it's the best of both worlds. You get high level and granular detail style content and programming all weekend, while being in an incredibly small and intimate setting of 30 other people doing the same. The amount of 'sparks' and ideas and sharpening that happens in this context is unbeatable. I have been apart of and led groups like this in various settings in the past, and we've noticed a few key traits that make them successful. 

Intimate Expert Level Coaching: The entire weekend will be crafted around curriculum and programming of every single step of the publishing experience (book proposal, to how to write a book, to self vs traditional pub, to agents, to marketing, and more). On top of that you will be surveyed beforehand with very specific questions and needs to make sure YOU are being served over the 6 month period during the retreat and after.

6 month Follow Up Program: Let's be honest. A book needs 'babysitting' as a mentor of mine used to tell me. And that's why on top of the 2 1/2 day retreat, there will be a 6 month follow up program the day you get home with a private Slack/FB Group as well as monthly 'hot seat' video calls we will have to stay focused, accountable, and informed as we implement our action plan you will go home with!

Mastermind like Relationships: It is nearly impossible to write a book alone. And that's why we will have each other. In person during the retreat, and during the follow up calendar year of coaching, we will be learning from each other, helping each other, and bringing our questions (and answers!) to each other.

Access To Me: It feels strange to type 'access to me' as a value but I genuinely think I can be an asset and help to you and your dream and the message you want to get out into the world. The reason we are keeping this group small is because I want to be able to genuinely help every single one of you get your message out into the world. You will have my personal email address as well as access to me with any specific questions and concerns. So much of the publishing and book process is shrouded in secrecy, and there are so many variables, and I'd love to be the guide who makes sure you don't feel that way. I'm here to serve y'all!





Pick one of the two dates available, then see below to secure your spot with payment in full of $3495, $3995 (Private Room), or our 5 payment installment plan. Price INCLUDES all lodging and meals on site.



90 days prior to retreat - receive and begin detailed survey about you and your book idea and aspirations so I can serve you as best as I can! I'm calling this your 'author scouting report' that we will work off of for the retreat and entire coaching program.

60 days prior to retreat - begin on boarding into the community as well as our chosen communication channels to meet each other, begin building relationships, and start some tiny yet fun homework to set us all up for success! (plus beginning to chat about that road trip playlist mentioned above ha).

7 days prior to retreat - receive detailed itinerary of our full 2 1/2 days together to allow you to begin mapping, planning, and preparing (I'm a guy who likes to know 'what I'm getting into' before I do so this is me trying to serve y'all there as well!

1 day prior to retreat - this is the most important item on this list, and that is to begin preparing mentally and emotionally for the incredible feasting and eating and hanging out that will commence. And oh ya, I'd probably start mentally preparing for all the professional work and book stuff too :)

Why Should You Care What I Say?

Well, on some level you shouldn't! I'm just a kid who got kicked out of the 7th grade, repeated 9th grade twice, and got arrested at 15 (it was from Target for stealing Notorious BIG CD's if you were wondering). But, what I do have is a lot of publishing experience, and even more than that I've done what a lot of authors haven't and that's navigate both the traditional and self publishing worlds well!


Over 500,000 copies sold of traditionally published books.


Sold more than 200,000 self published books.


Spent 10 weeks on the NYT Best Sellers List.


Helped launch multiple other authors and creatives get their books out into the world.

A few of the books that have been written!

Here's just a quick sample of the finished books coming out of the previous cohorts! Everything from a bible study workbook, to a illustrated children's book, to a non fiction memoir. I'd love to help get you to the finish line!

Now Let's Be Honest, That Part Above Was Awkward

But one of my biggest pet peeves is when you see someone saying 'buy my e-course on how to build a business online!', or some other thing they are selling, to which you look and see the only business they've ever built online, is the course about selling online. HUH? Ya, no thanks.

So while I hate tooting my own horn, I figured you'd at least care to know who you'd be learning from and my credentials when it comes to publishing to know that I am excited to genuinely help you on this journey of getting your book out into the wild!


If you'd like a custom payment plan, that is smaller monthly payments for example, I am happy to make a few exceptions. Email me at [email protected] with what you are thinking and let's see if we can make it work!


Shared Group Cabin. Gender specific.


Shared Room

2 1/2 day retreat

Onsite Meals & Lodging

6 Month Coaching Program 



First come, first serve (limit to first 5)


Private Room

2 1/2 day retreat

Onsite meals & Lodging

6 Month Coaching Program 

5 X $699

5 Monthly Payments starting after first payment


Shared Room

2 1/2 day retreat

Onsite Meals & Lodging

6 Month Coaching Program


5 X $799

5 Monthly Payments starting after first payment


Private Room

2 1/2 day retreat

Onsite Meals & Lodging

6 Month Coaching Program



Deep Dive Survey on You: The great part about a group as small as this is we can tailor needs and questions and answers and programming specifically to YOU. So 90 days out from our meeting you will be sent a deep dive survey asking you very specific questions (your book idea, where you're at, what you need, what your hope is, etc). Consider this a detailed high level scouting report on you, so we can serve you better! Look for that a few months before our meeting.

Monthly Town Hall & Hot Seat Meetings: You'll leave with a certified gameplan and catalyst to go home knowing how and what you want to do in regards to your book. And our monthly town hall calls will be a spot to continually check in on each other, answer questions, and most importantly hold each other accountable!

There will be multiple 'tracks': Since we will be covering the whole swath of the publishing journey all the way from 'do I have a book in me?' to 'how do I publish or market my finished book?' we will have you note what 'track' you are more looking for in the weekend. You are more than allowed to partake in every session and both tracks during the weekend, but we will also have some creative blocks for writing and finishing sections for those who would like to skip 1 or 2 sessions.


What You'll Leave With...

  • a fully developed gameplan and roadmap to finish your book!
  • a complete book proposal timeline and action plan, as well as having multiple proposals of mine you can use and copy that have gotten us our book deals in the past!
  • A complete education on the entirety of the publishing industry.
  • You'll know whether you should self publish vs traditional publish (or both!).
  • my best writing tips and honed practices--from outlining, to idea generating, to actual sit down writing time.
  • how I write a book in 3-6 months without it being my 'full time' job.
  • helpful interactions with industry experts.
  • a full stomach (we are going to eat, y'all).

The Farm & Accomodations

The farm is set on 500 beautiful acres outside of Woodstock, Vermont. I've spent time here personally and can say without a doubt it's one of the more serene and peaceful places in the nation--and the PERFECT place to host a retreat like this. The property is a collection of multiple buildings (some gorgeously dating back centuries but beautifully restored) interspersed throughout the acreage.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a scenic 2 hour straight drive from Boston Logan International Airport! Feel free to pair up or caravan with people from the group (can chat and meet each other via our communication channels) or drive yourself! We will send out the address and directions as it gets closer!

Your registration covers your entire lodging and all the meals onsite! We might head to town one day for a 'choose your own lunch' scenario but that's it! Once on farm, we got you! We do not cover airfare, rental car, etc. 

The follow up coaching program will be specifically designed around your action items and gameplan you leave the retreat with. Following the retreat I will host monthly hot seat & town hall meetings where we will gather as a group to answer the most pressing questions, help each other with current challenges, share secrets and tips, and more. Not to mention our Slack or FB group and my personal email will be on hand for you this entire time to chat or bring aspects and questions and ideas to the community!

No! I am pretty well versed in most formats and genres--whether that be normal non fiction, memoir, devotional, workbook, or children's and so am able to help with any particularities. I'd say the only genre I have a little less experience with would be fiction books and so if that is what you are hoping to write I just wanted you to be aware--but 90% of the book process is the same regardless of format or genre, and a lot of the same storytelling and writing devices and ideas we will cover will translate to fiction as well.

Any and all payments made towards registration will be refundable for the first 72 hours after purchase. Just email [email protected] with any questions or to begin the refund process. After that, we are happy to offer credit to a future retreat!


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