Families today are struggling and overwhelmed. We long for believing families to be a light in a darkening culture but more often they are fighting just to survive. Is building a functional family really this hard? Does the Bible have the wisdom we need to heal the modern family?

Yes! We believe the Bible contains an ancient blueprint for building a family that has been largely forgotten. We long to see churches filled with strong, well equipped families that have recovered this lost blueprint and are using it to build family teams on mission to reach a lost world. That’s why we’ve created the Family Teams Workshop.


This workshop is not a conference. Our goal is not just to provide information but to equip families. After doing many of these events we’ve distilled this experience to the elements that pack the maximum impact which include 5 main sessions which all involve a keynote and guided journal workshop time.

We cover everything from establishing a family mission and vision, to crafting a weekly family meal, to why and how the biblical family differs from the modern family.


We have a seamless way of handling questions and answers throughout the event.

Each couple is provided with a workbook that walks them through the workshop exercises.

We provide a discussion guide for couples to enjoy an optional experience with two other couples in order to get to know or deepen relationships with each other.

We provide a resource table for more information.

We like, whenever possible, to involve members of the pastoral staff in some on stage interaction.



We are so excited that you are interested in hosting a workshop! The first step to hosting a workshop is to fill out this simple application below. We will then get in touch with you shortly to answer your questions and see if we can make this happen at your church!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our favorite format is one evening plus one full day. This is often done Friday evening-Saturday evening. We have also done this during two days 9am-5pm. It is also possible to take a few elements away and squeeze 80% of the event into a single day when that’s the best option for churches.

This depends on each situation and we will discuss the options with each church when we discuss your application. Jeremy and April Pryor are often available to be the main teachers. We also have other well trained couples who may be a great fit for your situation. Jeff and Alyssa Bethke are usually not available to lead these workshops with a few exceptions.

We meet families where they are at and strive to create a tone of encouragement and avoid anything that feels legalistic or judgmental while still being challenging.

Cost is largely dependent on the number of Family Teams staff needed to pull off an event. Once you fill out the application we will send you an estimate for the cost of an event that includes a recommended number of staff for your event.

The content we cover is the same but at the Family Teams Weekend we have more of our teaching and support staff present.


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