Hi, I'm Alyssa.

Me and you. A weekly letter. Every Monday morning.


The last few months I've been dreaming of chatting with you all more. About what's on my heart. About mom things. Women things. All the things.

I wanted to create a space to encourage you, point you to Jesus, and hopefully lighten the burden of your heart as you go about your day!

And so that's what this is. No huge charades or a production.

Just me typing up what's on my heart wishing we were having the same conversation over coffee. 

Sign up below, and see you there!

Note: I'm kickstarting this weekly letter with a 5 day devotional to help anchor your heart every morning in this particular season in our lives (Covid-19). If you sign up you will get day 1 tomorrow, day 2 the next, etc and then my normal letters every Monday.